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Cynthia's son is an Eye Doctor but, he practices over 2 hours from where she lives.  She was having some urgent eye symptoms and her Optometrist son told her to immediately go and see Dr Dawn Bearden for evaluation because he did not want her to travel 2 hours to be able to see him.

​So even other Eye Doctor's trust their mother's vision to Dr the video as Cynthia shares her experience...

Jennifer's son had passed BOTH his Pediatrician and School Vision Screenings. She was told that everything was "Fine".  But, her son kept acting out every time it was time to read.  He was being incorrectly labeled "a problem child". Jennifer had a hunch that the screenings were wrong and decided to take her son in for a comprehensive eye exam with Dr Dawn Bearden.

Dr Bearden soon discovered that the mother's intuition was right and her son's vision was NOT "fine" she gave him some much needed glasses and now he excels in school!!

Judy just lost her glasses.  That was all.  She came in to see Dr Bearden just to get a new glasses prescription.  She wasn't having any vision problems, headaches, eye pain - no symptoms at all but, during the routine exam Dr Bearden detected a tumor in Judy's eye.


Thankfully Dr Bearden was able to get Judy to a specialist and now she is doing great.

Video Patient Testimonials:

Patient Testimonials:

Erik has a difficult eyeglass prescription - it takes time and patience to get it just right.  He went somewhere else and spend a lot of money on his glasses but, he just could never see right out of them.

He found Dr Bearden and she took the time to get it right for him  He now enjoys his new glasses that he can see PERFECTLY out of....!!!

Susan is an artist...who was given 3 different pairs of glasses - none of them seemed to work for her special artist needs.  She was finally given a recommendation to go and see Dr Bearden.

Susan is so pleased with her glasses from Dr Bearden that she makes a special trip to Fort Lauderdale from Washington DC every year just to get her eye exam with Dr Dawn Bearden

Starlene had a day of shopping planned for herself.  She was not planning on getting an eye exam but, decided to quickly stop into Dr Bearden's office to schedule an appointment for herself for another day.  The office was not busy so she decided to go ahead and do the exam - QUICKLY....and WITHOUT that DILATION!!  No time for was waiting!!

Dr Bearden convinced her to get her eyes dilated...finally Starlene agreed. During the dilation, Dr Bearden discovered a large tear in Starlene's retina that needed immediate surgical repair.  She could have had a retinal detachment and total loss of her vision....had she not gotten her eye exam with dilation that day.

Again, she was having NO SYMPTOMS...