PHR stands for "Personal Health Record"and represents an ONLINE location where you (and only you) can view important information about your relationship with us.

​RevolutionPHR utilizes the HIGHEST standards of online security while allowing you to view portions of your eye care record through any standard internet browser on a PC, Mac or tablet (such as iPad etc).   You can use the unique login information that we provide for you to review the many features available.

Your participation in RevolutionPHR is completely optional - you can log in and check it out and see if it is right for you.  We have no record of your access and we allow you to use this online portal 24/7 at your discretion.

RevolutionPHR features:

​-     ​You can update your file ONLINE with any changes in key information...such as new phone numbers, email addresses and more...

​-     Complete pre-exam interviews (personal and family history, eye and vision related lifestyle questions etc) ONLINE save you time during your actual exam visit in the office.  The information you enter is automatically added to your patient chart in our system - which leads to a more accurate and efficient exam for you.

​-     Check the status of your eyeglass and contact lens orders ONLINE.

​-     See billing statements ONLINE.


to access your Personal Health Record: