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Dr Bearden is highly skilled and experienced in managing Eye Emergencies and Urgent Eye Care.  Many people incorrectly assume that going to Urgent Care, their Primary Care Doctor or the ER is the best place to go for Urgent Eye Care.  These facilities often lack the equipment and experience necessary to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for urgent eye care.  Most will tell you to see an Eye Doctor for your follow up care anyway - usually resulting in another office visit but, this time to an Eye Doctor skilled and equipped for managing urgent eye issues.

Examples of Emergency or Urgent Eye Care include:

Flashes of Light or sudden "streaks of light" in your vision

Floating Spots (spots or "strings/cobwebs'' or shadows in your vision"

Missing or Loss of a Part Of Your Vision

Sudden Vision Loss

Pain In or Around The Eye

Haloes around Lights

Distorted Vision

​Bulging or Swollen Eye

Pink Eye

Red Eye

Scratched Eye

Extreme Light Sensitivity

​Double Vision

Sudden Crossed, Turned or Wandering Eye

​Dilated / Enlarged Pupil

Eye Pain


Swollen Lid

Something in the Eye

Eye Discharge

Eye Crusting

Eye Inflammation

Black Eye

Excessive Tearing

Eye Injury

Sudden Blurry Vision

Blood in the Eye

Burning Eye

Stinging Eye

Eyelids stuck together in the morning


If you THINK something is wrong or out of the ordinary - Please Come In ASAP!!  Do NOT wait...some of the above symptoms can be vision threatening or life threatening.  Its better to have Dr Bearden look at you to ASAP determine the cause of your symptoms then to "wait it out".

If it is the middle of the night or after our office hours - we DO have a Doctor on Call 24 hours a Day and 7 days a week.  

Please call us 954-763-2842 for more information - even if it is after office hours.  We give an Emergency after hours number for you to reach our Doctor on Call 24/7.

Emergency or Urgent Eye Care is often covered by your MEDICAL insurance (we currently accept Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare and Medicare IN NETWORK.  We are out of Network for Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Humana, AvMed.  If we are out of network - we CAN still see you!!  We will give your your bill to submit to your Medical Plan).

Vision Plans - (VSP, EyeMed, VCP, Spectera, Davis Vision etc) NEVER cover Urgent or Emergency Eye Care.  These services are covered by your MEDICAL insurance.